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Hello. We help organizations understand and improve transportation networks, digitally.

Products that we offer include:

Transitland is an open-data platform built on thousands of public-transit data feeds from around the world. Transitland is the largest and most feature-rich aggregator of GTFS, GTFS Realtime, and GBFS data feeds.

Developers use Transitland APIs to power their own apps, maps, visualizations, and analyses.

Interline also uses the Transitland platform to produce a frequently updated data download of all transit stops across the United States as well as custom bulk transit data.

The Interline Routing Platform includes Valhalla, a multi-purpose global routing engine, and OpenTripPlanner, a transit-specific metro routing engine. We provide fully managed APIs, as well as Valhalla Tilepacks for on-premise use.

OSM Extracts are city- and region-sized sets of data from OpenStreetMap that Interline generates on a daily basis and offers for free download in a variety of formats for GIS analysis, routing and trip planning, and cartography.

Expert consulting services are offered to organizations to integrate Interline's transit data and routing platforms into their own systems.

We are a team skilled in product management, software engineering, and system operations for modern web and mobile applications. We have deep experience in public transit, transportation planning, travel behavior, and emerging mobility options. In addition to our primary focus on software platforms and tooling, we carry out targeted applied research projects.