Hello. We help organizations understand and improve transportation networks, digitally.

Products that we offer include:

  • Transitland, an open-data platform aggregating public-transit data from around the world.
  • PlanetUtils are the scripts and Docker container that many of our clients use for working with OpenStreetMap data, terrain tiles, and extracts of both. We offer the package under an open-source license for anyone to use. PlanetUtils powers OSM Extracts, a hosted service for downloading OpenStreetMap data.
  • Valhalla is a multi-purpose routing engine created by Mapzen, continued as open-source by many companies. We offer Valhalla Tilepacks for download by subscription and on-demand.

Services that we provide include:

  • Mobility product consulting for organizations that need integrated strategy, design, and engineering assistance.
  • Routing consulting for organizations that want to deploy and customize their own routing-engine stack, either Valhalla or OpenTripPlanner.
  • Transit consulting for organizations that need help with their IT strategy, improvement of existing systems, or custom development of new software and pipelines.

We are a team skilled in product management, software engineering, and system operations for modern web and mobile applications. We have deep experience in public transit, transportation planning, travel behavior, and emerging mobility options.