Intro to Transitland

Transitland is an open-data platform built on thousands of public-transit data feeds from around the world. We started Transitland in 2014 and continue to expand the platform. It's now the largest and most feature-rich GTFS and GTFS Realtime aggregator. Transitland is the ideal solution for using data from many transit operators in web or mobile apps, maps, data visualizations, GIS analyses, and travel demand models.

As a platform, Transitland both serves data consumers (such as app developers) and data producers (such as transit agencies and private mobility providers).

Transitland for Data Consumers

Are you developing an app, a visualization, a map, a plan, an analysis, or another type of digital experience that needs transit data as an input? Learn more about how you can use Transitland to consume transit data:

Custom Bulk Data Exports for Analysis

Interline produces bulk data exports from the Transitland platform that are customized for specific needs. Our clients use these bulk exports to power their own transportation analysis engines, real-estate assessments, routing engines, and other use-cases.

Learn more about custom bulk data exports

Transitland for Data Producers

Learn more about how you can use Transitland to publish and enrich transit data:

Agencies publishing GTFS

Share your GTFS and GTFS Realtime feeds with Transitland and we'll help disseminate your open data to an even wider audience.

Read instructions for adding feeds to Transitland AtlasEmail your feed URL or file to us
Enriching GTFS data

Our tooling is used by both Interline staff and clients to enrich GTFS feeds with GTFS Pathways data for stations and GTFS Fares-v2 data for fares and transfer discounts.

Read a case study of how Interline produces pathways and fares data for the San Francisco Bay Area

Questions & Answers

What is GTFS?
GTFS stands for General Transit Feed Specification. It's a set of machine-readable files in a standard format that can be produced by a transit operator and disseminated across the internet. The contents describe that operator's stations and stop locations, route lines and shapes, schedules, fares, and related information. Trip-planning apps can ingest GTFS feeds from one or more operator to plan journeys for their users. Analysts also use GTFS feed to understand travel patterns and propose changes.
How can we add our feeds to Transitland?
Read the instructions to add a feed URL to the Transitland Atlas or email us for assistance.
Is Transitland open-source software?
Transitland is built atop open-source tools and its own components are also available as open-source code. See for our public repositories. Interline offers the core Transitland libraries under a dual licensing model: open-source for use by all under the GPLv3 license and also available under a flexible commercial license from Interline. Contact us for more information about flexible commercial licensing.