Consulting by Interline

We provide strategic services for mobility data products and platforms. We support:

  • Traveler-information and journey-planning systems (especially for public mass transit and "shared" mobility)
  • Transportation-planning and accessibility-analysis tools
  • Transportation-network operation systems

Our team has experience consulting for large corporations, small start-ups, NGOs, planning firms, universities, and government agencies.

Product Consulting

Our experience and our approach to products is end-to-end, including:

Researching user needs, refining business requirements, and creating proof-of-concept prototypes for web and mobile platforms.
Managing engineering teams, evaluating problematic development efforts, and providing system architecture and software development services using modern toolkits and agile development practices.
Scaling to support upwards of millions of users on hosted platforms, using containers and modern "dev/ops" tools, and iterating to improve products and teams.

We offer product consulting using two approaches:

🏃 Short-term sprint
We'll join you and your colleagues for an intense week of collaborative work on your most pressing technical and strategic problems. If you have many stakeholders, our team can run a weeklong Google Design Sprint to focus your creative energies and produce a working prototype.
🐢 Long-term advising
Need ongoing advise and services related to one topic? We are available to provide part-time, ongoing help with technical management, development best-practices, and product strategy. We are experienced working within or leading projects using agile methods like Scrum and Kanban.

Transit Consulting

We're the team that created the Transitland platform, and know how to work with hundreds of GTFS feeds at once. We're also ongoing contributors to the GTFS Best Practices initiative, and are experienced with the diverse range of technologies for generating and consuming transit data. We advise on transit data usage, strategy, technical architectures, and data licensing.

Routing Consulting

Interline supports both the Valhalla and OpenTripPlanner routing engines. Our staff are committers to both and serve on both technical steering committees.

Valhalla is a multi-purpose routing engine. Interline sells Valhalla Tilepacks for instant download. If you have custom needs, we're available to consult on Valhalla integrations, from turn-by-turn directions to GPS map-matching.
OpenTripPlanner (OTP) offers functionality specific to public-transit, both "fixed" and "flexible" route. (Fixed route covers buses and trains with predictable stops and schedules. Flexible transit includes paratransit and on-demand service.) Interline staff offer their expertise to organizations that need custom, on-premise OTP integrations.
🤷 Unknown
Don't know which particular routing engine you need? Or does your organization not even know if a routing engine is relevant to your technical or strategic needs? We've helped organization understand the options and make informed decisions.

Our Work

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
Transit Network Explorer Tool (TNExT)
screenshots of the TNExT tool displaying maps and reports

ODOT and Oregon State University have created a web-based open source software tool for the visualization, analysis, and reporting of the Oregon statewide transit. Known as TNExT, the tool is used by transportation planners to assess the statewide transit network, in both urban and rural areas, and to evaluate network changes over time and to identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

ODOT engaged Interline to improve and extend the TNExT tool. As part of the engagement, Interline has provided:

  • An upfront code and system review
  • Product management
  • Custom software development (in Java, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML)
  • DevOps (Docker containers; automated integration tests; staging and production environments)

"Interline has transitioned our TNExT application from an academic research tool to production software ready for ongoing use by planners."

Matthew Barnes, Transit Network Coordinator at ODOT
Scoot Networks
Custom Valhalla Routing Engine Deployments and Usage

With their smartphone, anyone can ride an electric scooter from Scoot Networks. Previously, Scoot's Mobility Operating System relied on Mapzen's hosted turn-by-turn APIs. Now, with assistance from Interline, Scoot runs the Valhalla routing engine on its own infrastructure.

Scoot Networks mobile app and an electric scooter

Interline's engagement with Scoot involved:

  • Reviewing routing-engine usage throughout existing front-end apps and back-end services
  • Providing daily updates of worldwide OpenStreetMap and terrain data, using Interline's open-source PlanetUtils package
  • Setting up continuous-integration jobs to rebuild fresh Valhalla routing graph tiles each day
  • Working with Scoot's DevOps team to run Valhalla servers on Kubernetes, with high-availability for multiple regions
  • Tuning Valhalla configuration and use of dynamic costing profiles for Scoot's particular vehicles and use-cases

Let's Get Started

Our engagements always begin with a conversation. We work together with our clients to understand both their most urgent needs and their long-term goals.

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P.S. We also support transportation advocacy projects. We are currently handling as many pro bono projects as possible — please sign up for our newsletter and we'll share updates as our current commitments are completed and we're open to new applications.