About Our Team

Drew Dara-Abrams Ph.D. served for over 3 years as Mapzen's head of mobility products. He founded the Transitland platform, product-managed the Valhalla routing engine, and project-managed the Open Traffic platform (built under contract for The World Bank). Previously, he's developed and managed web applications serving upwards of millions of users, and has provided strategic, technical, and statistical consulting to major corporations, universities, and start-ups on transportation, urban planning, and navigation topics.

Ian Rees Ph.D. was Mapzen's lead software engineer on the Transitland platform. He is experienced with writing high efficiency software that can handle inconsistent data sources, as well as using modern dev/ops practices, such as Docker and container schedulers, to scale web and scientific applications. Previously, he's used routing engines for transportation scenario analysis, and developed and managed imagery analysis tools used by university labs around the world.