Valhalla Tilepacks

Why Valhalla Tilepacks?

Valhalla is fully open-source and available for anyone to operate. In our experience helping a wide range of organizations operate Valhalla, we've found that it's simple for everyone to run Valhalla instances for routing requests — but it's difficult to run the pipeline that generates Valhalla's internal tile datasets. That's why Interline provides Valhalla Tilepacks for instant download.

Interline runs a pipeline that every day combines together 40Gb of OpenStreetMap data with 1.6Tb of elevation to produce Valhalla tiles for the entire planet. You can download the entire planet or regional extracts of tiles to power your own Valhalla instances. No need to run or tune the pipeline. Update frequency is up to you: You can download once a day, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Note Valhalla Tilepacks are generated in the v3 tile format, for us by Valhalla 3.0.0 and up.

What data goes into build Valhalla Tilepacks?

Valhalla Tilepacks are created daily from the following data sources:

map of OpenStreetMap ways around the world OpenStreetMap connectivity map © Mapzen


  • approximately 40 gigabytes of OpenStreetMap data
  • includes roadways, paths, and turn restrictions
  • tags normalized to Valhalla's roadway hierarchy
  • updated daily from Planet.osm diffs using Interline PlanetUtils
terrain tile map terrain tile map © Mapzen

Terrain Tiles

  • approximately 1.6 terabytes of terrain tiles, originally created by Mapzen
  • refreshed from Terrain Tiles on AWS public dataset using Interline PlanetUtils
  • used to add grade to OpenStreetMap roadways and paths

How do I use Valhalla Tilepacks?

Using Valhalla Tilepacks is as simple as:

  1. Select your plan and sign up.
  2. Install Interline PlanetUtils on your computer or your server.
  3. Request a new Valhalla Tilepack using Interline PlanetUtils
  4. Place the tiles.tar in your Valhalla server's data directory.

We're available to answer any questions along the way!

Pricing & Sign Up

Daily Planet

$624* / month

  • Global tiles built every day
  • Download at any frequency
  • Includes 30-minute Q&A call
* This price includes a 22% discount for prepayment of a 12-month contract. Prepay a 6-month contract and receive a 10% discount. Or if paying month-to-month the cost is $800 per month.

Don't want to set up your own Valhalla server? Sign up for Interline's Global Valhalla APIs through All users are provided with a number of free requests per day and then may pay fractions of cents for each additional request they wish to make.