Applied Research Reports


Interline’s founders as well as many of our associates and partners come from a background in research. In addition to our primary focus on software platforms and tooling, Interline carries out targeted, applied research projects.

Interline also supports educational and non-profit groups with their own research efforts by subsidizing their access to the Transitland platform.

GTFS Realtime Feed Validation and Data Quality Platform

TR news article about open platform real-time transit data

Interline and our partner lab the Center for Urban Transportation Research at University of South Florida collaborated on a Transit IDEA Program grant from the US Transportation Research Board. Our goal has been to help transit agencies to validate and improve the quality of their GTFS Realtime feeds using the Transitland platform.

Commuter Wallet for Transportation Demand Management

Plan an intermodal commute using Commuter Wallet
View relevant employer benefits using Commuter Wallet
Log trips taken and benefits using Commuter Wallet
Commuter Wallet report cover

The Commuter Wallet is a software solution created to shift employees from driving alone to using their benefits for transit and other modes of travel.

The Commuter Wallet enables employees to plan intermodal commutes (powered by Interline's managed OpenTripPlanner platform), to view benefits relevant to their commute plan, and to log their trips taken and benefits used. This process, available on employees’ smartphones and computers, replaces the need for HR forms, intranet pages, and other dispersed information sources about an employer’s commute benefits.

Interline built the Commuter Wallet through a multi-step process of design, development, and deployment, with UX and UI support from our partner firm Lab Zero. This iterative approach allowed us to learn from all project stakeholders (staff commuters, transportation demand managers, and project managers at the Cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, and Cupertino) and to adapt to useful findings.

Contact us for a white paper describing the design, development, and deployment of the Commuter Wallet.

Here XYZ Web Mapping and Analysis Tutorials

Honolulu web map animation

Interline collaborated with HERE to demonstrate the many ways their new XYZ developer platform is useful for working with open geodata. Users can follow a set of tutorials to combine together OSM Extracts by Interline, Transitland APIs, and other open geodata APIs to create unique combinations and interactive visualizations.