Transitland Custom Bulk Transit Data Exports

Interline produces bulk data exports from the Transitland platform that are customized for specific needs. Our clients use these bulk exports to power their own transportation analysis engines, real-estate assessments, routing engines, and other use-cases.


  • Use the largest open transit data archive: Draw from Transitland's catalog of thousands of GTFS feeds, archive of tens of thousands of GTFS feed versions, and archive of terabytes of GTFS Realtime data.
  • Customize by geography: Geographic coverage can be customized to focus on one metro region, state/province, country, or a combination.
  • Customize by timeframe: Temporal coverage can be current or historical. If we don't have an exact match for your historical time period, Interline's tooling can "lift and shift" GTFS service to provide approximate coverage.
  • Include from-scratch feeds: If Transitland doesn't have an open source for the transit agencies you need in your feed, we can create data from scratch. Interline partners with Trillium Solutions to create GTFS data as needed for our clients.
  • With GTFS entities plus advanced metrics: Any of the metrics provided by Transitland APIs can be included in a bulk data export. We often add additional custom metrics as needed by clients. Focus on the analysis that makes your service or product unique, and turn to Interline to prepare the right ingredients.
  • Depend on expert guidance In addition to providing data exports, Interline staff share their expert guidance with our clients. We help our clients understand the possibilities, constraints, and options associated with each aspect of transit data.

Export Formats

Interline can prepare custom bulk transit extracts in the following formats:

  • GTFS (merged or individual feeds)
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • XLSX (Excel spreadsheet)
  • GeoJSON
  • GeoPackage
  • Shapefile
  • Protocol Buffer (for GTFS Realtime)

Questions & Answers

Can you create for us a single GTFS feed for an entire metropolitan region?
Yes, Interline regularly prepares merged GTFS feeds for a variety of clients. See a case study of how we do so on a daily basis for the Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission. For each merged feed, we offer clients a set of options for how to handle entity identifiers (IDs), entity conflicts, and merging logic.
We have internal GTFS data that needs to be kept private. Can you process it together with public feeds from Transitland to create a single export?
Yes, Interline can process for public feeds from Transitland and private feeds supplied by our clients.
How will we receive our transit data export?
Interline provides unique, secure links for clients to download their bulk transit data exports. We can also publish bulk data to any of the three major public clouds (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) for direct use by our clients' cloud accounts.
What are the costs and turn-around times for exports?
We custom create each bulk data export process, but are able to speed up the process by using the foundation of existing Transitland data and components. Please contact us for a quote.